SLIM BUSINEZ – Why big companies want you to be fat and how to make it your business to be slim

Hello readers, I lost 66 pounds on my personal weight loss journey and now it’s under control... Sadly it took 30 years of struggle to work it out.

I don’t want you to spend 30 years to succeed so I wrote this book and included what I learnt about food, exercise, experts and the food industry.

Try this recipe:

  1. Know how your body works, what it does with food and drink
  2. Understand how much is invested in keeping you in the same supermarket aisles
  3. Learn why experts are forever saying the opposite to one another when it comes to food and diets
  4. Try a coaching plan for the real world, not a 7 day forever nanny diet for perfect people
  5. 80% of the results will come from the first 20% of your effort to change

It bakes a perfectly slim you.

Mark's "before" and "after" photos (wearing the same shirt and shorts)


“Slim Businez” is an excellent book with a good grasp of the science behind the move towards low carbohydrate diets and higher healthy fats. I recommend it to those starting on the journey to optimal weight and health".
Dr Rod Tayler, Low Carb Down Under.

Hi Mark,
Thank you for sending your book received yesterday. I have to say I am very impressed.
This great little book is intelligent, cleverly written, simple to read, motivating and inspiring. Its so refreshing to read a self help book written with passion, personal experience and a sense of humour. Your eating ideas are nutritionally smart and very doable with the options you set out. I would highly recommend your book to anyone struggling to get a "handle" on where to next in a world overwhelmingly full of information and misinformation on losing weight and staying healthy. Congratulations!
Kind regards
Jillian MacGregor
Accredited Practising Dietician “APD”


“Not perfect, but perfectly practical”

I actually really enjoyed reading this book. Which, if I am being honest, surprised me. I expected it to be a book hating on big corporations, offering no evidence to back up claims made, or to be preaching some weird, pseudo-fitness ideal as per the usual self help book.
Boy was I wrong.
This book is simply written, easy to read, and offers a practical, sensible way of losing weight. A line often repeated throughout this book is “not perfect, but perfectly practical”, and this sums up the book itself quite nicely. There may be a “perfect” diet out there, but how many people are perfect?
Tahana Lee
Brisbane based beauty, health, fitness & lifestyle blogger

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  “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity”. Amelia Earhart.

 “Your body is the baggage you must carry through life.  The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip”.  Arnold H. Glasow.

 “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything”. Mark Twain.

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