Mark Cupples, Author of SlimbusinezFrom an early-adult age, around twenty-one, being overweight was a problem.

I always took an interest in health and nutrition, and it soon became a life-long interest that included many attempts at dieting.

Some were crash diets that gave short-term results, and so years went by, ever gaining weight and not being happy about it.

I was unhappy on the outside and the doctor was not so happy about the inside – blood pressure and cholesterol ratios. Diabetes also runs in the family – my father has Type One Diabetes.

I finally found something that worked and not just for weight loss but also for better blood pressure and better cholesterol ratios. I was over the moon, but eventually I slipped back into old ways and regained the weight.

From your own experience, I am sure you can agree that conflicting advice on diet and exercise abounds.

With a Masters in Business Administration, I was able to critique, research, and look for logical answers to my weight problem.
But logic is only part of the deal; people’s feelings and emotions play a big part in life, and so I have put together a flexible system to help as many people as possible – a system for the real world.

You are reading this book because you have a weight problem. This is a plain English book with easy to follow guidelines that I believe will help you far more than anything has in the past.

Mark's "before" and "after" photos (wearing the same shirt and shorts)

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